They Can See The Poster!

April 26, 2014

Being an adventure film, we put all our animation/motion efforts into the action sequences. And most of that artwork is now complete. So as our animator spends the next two weeks finishing his very detailed layering in After Effects, our artists are cranking away at the rest of our storyboards. Every frame must maintain Matt Hill’s rich style that serves the tone of the story so well, which is extremely time consuming, and we therefore have three additional artists to help make our deadline.

Concurrently, we are editing new scenes and already revising first and second passes. The finishing process from here on out will be exponentially busier, and we still need to leave enough time to record loop group moans and groans, re-record lines of dialogue, layer sound effects, design a title sequence, as well as provide the marketing tools for this project, such as a great poster and a trailer.

Since our editing bay is busy during the week, we will have to cut the trailer over the next few weekends. We’ve discussed the cutting style we think would have the right energy to sell the action and sexy international locations. We agreed on something musically driven, opposed to using a voice over, and maybe intercutting a few phrases that build the intrigue of the concept and sets the tone of the action.

Three of our artists have been working on posters and here’s some examples:


They are still working on various taglines to precede The Alchemist Agenda:

– The formula was buried years ago, but the evil survived…

– The war was never really over…

– No one believed them. Now it’s too late.

– The final solution was just the beginning…

– They shall inherit the earth…

– The formula is ready. Are you?

– No one believes the truth until it’s too late.

– The legacy awaits.

– From the one come the many.

– History had a different plan.

Shameless Promotion

Amazon Studios offered a new contest this month for artists to design posters for a select batch of action films they have in development. As mentioned in yesterday’s post, three of our artists have designed Alchemist Agenda posters and are participating. And since the contest is supposed to find the winners through a fair, democratic process, we’d like to encourage everybody to vote. But we’re only providing links to our artists’ posters. And the reason is because we are not necessarily fair or democratic. We unabashedly prefer our artists to win. But seriously, the links below will take you to the Talenthouse site where you can see lots of cool designs and “like” the posters you dig the most. PLEASE CLICK THE POSTER TO VOTE!