“The Alchemist Agenda” Motion Comic an Amazon Studios Production

”The Alchemist Agenda” Title Sequence

“The Alchemist Agenda” was selected for Amazon Studios Development Slate:

The most promising projects at Amazon Studios, where we are building on their stories, creating test movies or carrying out audience tests.

The Hive has completed, an Amazon Studios Production, of the first full length feature motion comic created from original artwork, The Alchemist Agenda based upon an original script by Marty Weiss. The motion comic was produced by Marty Weiss, Yesenia Higuera, and Benjamin Price. The Hive (www.hivedoes.com) created the artwork animation and post production services on the feature.


The Alchemist Agenda is the story of a nautical treasure hunter who discovers a WWII U-boat off the coast of New York; he sets out on an international pursuit to discover the formula to alchemy with a beautiful professor who has a secret agenda of her own. A Motion Comic is an animated Comic Book. All artwork for “The Alchemist Agenda” has been created specifically for the project. Motion Comics are a unique medium in which to tell the story and create a specific style for the film.


The complete 90 minute motion comic was started from scratch and finished within 3 months. It was an exciting challenge finding the right style of artwork and complete full post on the project in such a short amount of time” said Yesenia Higuera, producer, editor and post supervisor on the project.

“As far as we know, there has never been another full length motion comic feature that was created from original artwork” said producer Benjamin Price of The Hive. The goal of the motion comic was to create a blueprint for the film version. Everything from the sound design to the final edit was carefully crafted.

The newly formed Amazon Studios is looking to make commercial motion pictures based on scripts and movies submitted by budding screenwriters and filmmakers. They have a first look deal with Warner Brothers. “We are excited to introduce writers, filmmakers, and movie lovers to Amazon Studios,” Roy Price, director of digital product development for Amazon Studios, said in a statement. “Full-length test movies will show stories up on their feet and attract helpful feedback at an early stage. We hope that Amazon Studios will help filmmakers experiment and collaborate and we look forward to developing hit movies.”

The winning scripts and movies will be chosen based on commercial viability, according to Amazon, and judged by a panel of people in the business, including Bryan Singer, “The Usual Suspects; Ivan Reitman, “Ghostbusters”; Jack Epps Jr.,”Top Gun” and “Dick Tracy”; Mark Gill, former head of Miramax; Mike Werb, “The Mask” and “Lara Croft: Tomb Raider”; Michael Taylor, “Bottle Rocket” and “The Pursuit of D.B. Cooper,” to name a few. (Credit: Amazon Studios). The Alchemist Agenda was written by Marty Weiss who won Amazon Studios first scriptwriting competition in November 2010. The motion comic version of the script is a test film that will be judged by Amazon Studios and has the potential to win $1m and having the movie made into a live action feature by Warner Brothers.

The Hive was founded in 2009 and specializes in creative film editing, motion comic animation and transmedia content for multiple new media distribution options. The Hive has provided post services for Deacon Entertainment in conjunction with the Department of Education and Laureate International University. Founding Partner, Yesenia Higuera, also edited The History Channel’s documentary “The People Speak”.

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